Dear Community,


Happy ThanksgivingEvery year here in America, on the fourth Thursday of November, we have a holiday where family and friends gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving – the giving of thanks before God in gratitude for, and acknowledgment of, His many blessings and favor that has been released upon our lives both individually and corporately as a nation over the past year.


It is great to acknowledge God’s goodness in our personal lives, but I have found that there is a much deeper sense of fulfillment and gratitude when this is done in the context of a community. We rise together and we fall together. We live together and we die together. When one member suffers we all suffer, because we are joined together as one body.


KAI is not about a lifeless organization, but about a people joined together corporately as a Kingdom community without border or boundary; joined together by a spiritual synergy that transcends earthly culture, language, geographic location or social status. We are one because God has knit our hearts together as one, and because we share the same values and vision. Therefore we give thanks for every one of you and rejoice in God’s goodness being released in your lives.


As we quickly approach a new calendar year we want to remind you of that vision and to encourage you to be connected with us not just through an occasional email or newsletter, but through an investment of yourselves as we seek to build strong relationships.


Everything we preach and stand for cuts against the grain of established religious patterns and traditions in the institutionalized church. Like John the Baptist, we proclaim a Kingdom message that does not fit into the established religious framework. Much of what we have learned will have to become unlearned as we seek to disconnect you from a “Matrix” of deception and religious tradition.


Despite the “normal” pattern of many ministries you may have become accustomed to, this is not an appeal for money. This is an appeal for you! This is an appeal that the dividing line has since been drawn and that this embassy is about to embark upon its assignment in a greater dimension, requiring the community to move forward together. Jesus couldn’t do it alone and neither can we. It was not the financial support he needed from the twelve, but their commitment to a relationship where Jesus could reproduce Himself in them. It was a relationship that would be tested by accusation, criticism, ostracism, misunderstanding and other human weaknesses or restraints. Can you endure such a testing?


Embassy news


We have been teaching on The Model Prayer – Principles of the Kingdom in our Kingdom Dynamics Friday evening teleconference. For those of you who have missed it, the podcasts are available for you to listen to on our website (in the Forum section) as well as on Facebook. We want to encourage you to join us as we teach on and discuss some very pertinent issues regarding the Kingdom of God – issues that clearly contradict much of what we have been hearing from pulpits across America and the world. You can find details concerning the schedule on our web calendar. Please note that there will be no teleconference this coming Friday (after Thanksgiving), but we will resume the following Friday, December 3rd.


There have been some technical issues with the forms on our website so that none of the information inputted into the forms get to us. We are trying to get this resolved, so in the meantime please don’t use the forms for requesting ministry, prophecy, signing up as a partner or leaving feedback. We will try to let you know as soon as the problem is resolved.


We thank God for you and your commitment to the vision of this embassy. May you and your families have a wonderful thanksgiving! And remember, only together can we ever hope to accomplish the assignment given to us by our King.



For the King and His Kingdom,


Robert G. Paul

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