Greetings fellow ambassadors!

(Mat 11:12 MKJV) And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of Heaven is taken by violence, and the violent take it by force.

There has been great emphasis in recent years regarding the Kingdom of God in the Church. God has been seeking to renew our minds concerning our true purpose and function on planet earth.

Contrary to popular opinion, the Church was never meant to be an end in itself, but a means to an end. We were meant to be agents for the advancement of God's eternal Kingdom in the earth realm, just as it is in the eternal or spiritual realm.


The Church does not exist for itself; it exists for a purpose -- to exercise dominion over the earth and everything in the physical realm according to the mandate given to Adam in the garden (Gen. 1:26). The Church's function is not to propagate itelf, but to propagate the Kingdom. We do not pray "My church come", but we pray "Thy Kingdom come" (Matt. 6:10). We do not preach the "gospel of the church", we preach the "Gospel of the Kingdom" (Matt. 24:14).

Jesus Himself preached only one message -- the gospel of the Kingdom (Matt. 4:23; 9:35; Mark 1:14). Even John the Baptist, His forerunner, preached the same message (Matt.3:1,2). Their message was radically different from what was being preached and propagated by the religious scholars, teachers and leaders in the temples and synagogues of that day. As a result, they were hated and persecuted for their message.

If we are to take hold of the fullness of the Kingdomtoday, we will need to become violent and militant in our pursuit. We cannot afford to be intimidated by the religious Pharisees today that would seek to keep us from entering fully into that Kingdom dimension (Matt. 23:13). Our first allegiance is not to a church -- including its pet doctrines or relgious beliefs -- or any religious leader regardless of rank or title. Our first allegiance is to the King and His Kingdom.

No kingdom can be expanded or advanced without warfare! We must become violent and aggressive not just for ourselves, but for a generation that has been held captive to the bondage of religion. A generation is crying out for deliverance. Multitudes are dying in ignorance of their royal stature and Kingdom inheritance. Millions are longing for a demonstration of the Kingdom. We can no longer afford to be passive or stick our head in the sand. It's time to become armed and dangerous for the advancement of God's Kingdom in the earth.

Ministry Updates:

My family and I recently returned from our ministry trip to Mississippi. We had a wonderful time there and know that the church to which we ministered was powerfully impacted by the Kingdom. We want to thank all of you that prayed for this meeting.

So far, we have had several people from various nations log on to our website to receive the word of the Lord for their lives. The ministry feedback has been very positive. Please remember to recommend this service to those you know who might need to hear a "now" word for their lives.

We are getting ready to add some in-depth articles to our website. These articles will be a bit longer and more "meaty" than the newsletter and will not be limited to our ministry. We hope to feature articles from various other ministers and ministries as we are given the opportunity and permission. My desire is to start posting them within the next couple of weeks. You will have to log on to read them since they will not be emailed. Keep checking back regularly.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for Andrew Downing and his team in Africa seeking to advance God's kingdom in that region.

I've posted part of the message he sent me below:

"When God brings our team to your mind please keep us in prayer. We need God's grace and strength as we continue the crusade schedule. We have been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and God has been confirming His Word with power. We have had many wonderful miracles, paralyzed healed, blind eyes opened, deaf ears opened, cancers and tumors vanishing, and many other things including many deliverences from demons of sorcery etc. Since we started crusade season we have had around 140,000 decisions for Christ. God has been shaking these cities with the gospel of Jesus and the fame of the Lord Jesus has been spreading like wildfire. There have been some churches planted as a result of meetings as well as the numbers of local churches overflowing with a great many of new converts, who we have been giving some foundational teaching before we move to the next place. God has been doing some awesome things here. Praise God!"


Thank you for reading. Be blessed!
Ambassador Robert G. Paul

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