Hello Fellow Ambassadors!

Let me start off by thanking those of you who responded to our last newsletter in providing much needed feedback regarding the setting up of a message board on our website. We are pleased to announce that it is finally up and running. Please feel free to sign up as a member or login as a guest to post questions to our prophetic ministers, or start online discussions among our online community. If you encounter any problems or have any questions concerning this, please let us know.

Some of you have been experiencing some very trying and difficult situations and circumstances in your personal lives and ministries. Let me ecourage you to hold fast to the promises of God in your life.

Present reports show that discouragement and depression are, growing at an alarming rate -- irregardless of one's social or financial status -- among this nation's present population. I suspect that this is the same in many other nations. People need hope, and we have that message of hope. This generation needs the Gospel (Good News) of the Kingdom now more than ever before.

God is going to make you an overcomer so that you can lead others into that overcoming lifestyle. But to be an overcomer there must be something to COME OVER. In other words, we must experience situations and circumstances in our lives that challenge our faith, that seek to cripple us with discouragement, or try to consume us with depression. When we overcome these things the very Gospel we preach is demonstrated and manifested to the world (Read the entire chapter of 2 Cor. 4).

So let us not despair as those that have no hope in the world. We belong to a different Kingdom. We have hope. Let us fix our eyes on King Jesus and meditate on His Word so that our faith will not fail in times of trouble, but we will accurately demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom to a discouraged generation.


Ministry Update:

As mentioned earlier in this newsletter, our message board is now available online. We pray you will make full use of this service. We are still pressing ahead to gain access into the psychic networks so that we may propagate the message of the Kingdom and demonstrate true prophetic ministry. We are continually adding new information and pages to our website, so keep checking back often.


Prayer Requests:

Please continue to pray for the ministry and for the wisdom and resources necessary to accomplish the vision.
Continue to agree with us for an open door to invade the psychic networks with the message of the Kingdom.


Once again, thank you for allowing us into your inbox. Thank you for being a part of our ministry and thank you for your love and support. You are valuable to the Kingdomof God.


In Service of the King,
Ambassadors Robert & Alicia Paul

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