Greetings Fellow Ambassadors!

Happy belated Mother's Day to all of you mothers and grandmothers out there who are reading this newsletter! We want you to know that your work and labor of love to your families and households are very much appreciated in the Kingdom of God.

In this day and age where the Judeo-Christian role of both parents, and especially that of the woman and mother in the home, has been radically challenged and criticized by modern feminist and humanistic philosophies, we need to sound a high note of praise to the true mothers in the Kingdom.

I do not have the time in this newsletter to discuss the doctrinal ramifications of motherhood and how far the modern western world has generally strayed from the original pattern. Needless to say that the subject of becoming a good wife and mother in the home falls under the category of "sound doctrine" in Scripture (Titus 2:1-5). God has set a very high standard for women, especially wives and mothers, just as He has for men who are husbands and fathers.

Secular feminists and modernists would make us to believe that holding women to such an "archaic" or "uncivilized" standard is oppressive at best. I beg to differ! God's pattern for the individual as well as the institution of the family transcends time, culture or any other argument concocted by man. This is not oppression! On the contrary, it is freedom.

We are plagued by a lost, lawless and love-deficient generation of young people today for the simple reason that we have left God's original pattern.

So to all the Kingdom-minded mothers out there who have committed a major amount of your time to your homes, husbands and children, regardless of how secular society may have ridiculed you for your sacrifices, I honor you with my praise.

For those of you who feel trapped in a situation where you feel incapable of becoming the wife and mother that God intended for you to be, there is a way out. Fear not; put your trust in God and He will bring your desires to pass.


Ministry Updates

For those of you who haven't been on our website recently, check out our new look and see if you like it. We would love to receive some of your feedback. I want to encourage everyone affiliated with our ministry to make yourself knowledgeable regarding our vision and begin to seek the Lord for direction as to what part you will have to play. We're not just building a ministry here, we're building the Kingdom. Our corporate vision is posted on our website.

Prayer Requests:

Please continue to pray for our family and the ministry. We covet your prayers.
Please continue to pray for the prophetic team that forms the network for providing prophetic ministry by email to the nations.
Please pray for a member of our team, Apostle Kerry Grogan, who has recently established a local church -- Fountain of Life -- in the city of Baltimore, MD.

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Ambassadors Robert & Alicia Paul

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