Hello Fellow Ambassadors!

How is everyone doing? I trust that everyone is pressing ahead towards the fulfillment of the plans and purposes of God for your lives.

So many times I speak to people who are just "waiting on God" to step out of the heavens and bring their dreams, desires and personal prophecies to pass.

They believe that everything depends on God and His timing. What many of us don't understand is that a lot of the time God is actually waiting on us to step out in faith and obedience.


God will never work independently of any one of us. There is almost always something that we need to DO in preparation and anticipation of what we are expecting to receive from God. Prayer is good, but prayer is not everything. You can pray and fast until you literally disappear from off the face of the earth, but unless your prayer is mixed with faith and obedience, all your prayers will be nullified and in vain.

It is time to step into a place of cooperation with God. It is time to take our dreams, visions and prophetic promises off of the dusty shelf of complacency and passivity, and begin to actively engage in passionate preparation and pursuit.

Now is not the time to start arguing with God or to make excuses. Like Moses, none of us may feel adequately equipped for the task at hand (Exod 3&4). God will not allow us the luxury of having everything in our present situations and circumstances just right for our act of obedience. In fact, things may be just the opposite, which is why we must step out in faith.

There is a scripture in Ecclesiastes that reads: "He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap" (Ecc 11:4). In other words, you should never allow present circumstances and conditions to dictate the pursuit and apprehension of your vision. If you keep trying to analyze and figure things out, you won't accomplish anything. If you are waiting for the "ideal" time, you will be waiting forever!

Many of you have had your dreams, desires and promises on the shelf of complacency for so long, you have forgotten and given up on them. This is the season to dream again. This is the hour of resurrection for the visions and promises that God has given to you in the past. This is not all about you. There is someone waiting on the other side of your obedience. There is someone needing the fulfillment of your vision. What are you going to do about it?

Ministry Updates:

We have stepped out in faith to begin laying the foundation for a new Kingdom Community in our region. It is our expectation that this new church and the facility we intend to acquire will become our headquarters and main tactical base of operations for our ministry, as we seek to establish God's Kingdom in this region and abroad.

We are presently meeting every Saturday at 7:00PM in one of the meeting rooms of the IHOP restaurant in Bradenton, FL. Please check our ministry calendar and/or our message board for more details.

As we embark upon the second phase of our ministry, we have come to the point where we need your support more than ever. We are in need of sound equipment and various other items for our meetings and services. Please seek the Lord as to sowing a financial seed or becoming a partner with this ministry. For more information concerning this, please check our website.

Prophetess Christina Lee from Taiwan is now a part of our network of prophetic ministers who answer the prophetic ministry requests online.

The other ministers are:

Prophet Byron Miller (Nebraska, USA)
Apostle/Prophet Kerry Grogan (Maryland, USA)
Prophet Dwayne Howard (Georgetown, Barbados)
Prophetess Victoria Forward (Florida, USA)
Ambassadors Robert & Alicia Paul (Florida, USA)

Please remember to lift these ministers continually in prayer.

Prayer Requests:

Please continue to pray for the ministry and the new Kingdom Community we are seeking to establish in this region.
Please remember to pray for the prophetic network of ministers who continually offer their services free of charge to minister to the e-prophecy requests online.
Please agree with us for an abundance of finances to accomplish the vision.
Please continue to pray for Fountain of Life Ministries -- a brand new church plant in Maryland that is being pioneered by Apostle/Prophet Kerry GroganPlease pray for Prophet Byron Miller as he seeks to establish a Kingdom Community and international base of operations in the Nebraska region.

Thanks once again for allowing us into your inbox. We covet your prayer, partnership and participation with us.


Be blessed!
Ambassadors Robert & Alicia Paul

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