Greetings Fellow Ambassadors!

How is everyone doing? I trust that you are continuing to press through your various trials, tests and disappointments to fulfill your calling and purpose on planet earth.

The following is an encouraging word given by Kara Miller from Christian International. It has been copied and used by permission from a blog she recently posted on the internet. I know it will be a tremendous encouragement to you as it was to me. Here is what she wrote:

"Today a wise friend and I discussed the fact that all good things are preceded by pain. Specifically we talked of child birth and the fact that months and months of discomfort, inconvenience, and pain lead to, in some cases, days of intense pain, but in the end there is a life produced that brings a joy so great the pain is quickly forgotten.

Working out is another prime example. No one gets in shape by sitting on the couch watching movies and eating bon-bons. Oh how I wish they did though! No it takes diligence and perseverance. There is pain associated.  Your muscles want to stay lazy, and it will take pain to make them want to be strong.

Pain determines how high, how far, how strong we will go.  Nothing is gained by giving up. Tears and trials pave the road, the broken road that leads to joy, fulfillment, peace, accomplishment, and destiny.

Tonight I remind myself that though my heart hurts there is joy near. There is peace just around the next bend. There is love that surpasses all that I could have ever imagined waiting. Just waiting up ahead. Waiting for me to press through. Waiting for me to pick myself back up and keep walking. Waiting for me to run through the walls and into its waiting arms.

There truly is no gain without pain. It's the pain that makes the sweet things so sweet. If everything in life came easily would we really appreciate it as much as we do? Without the struggle would we hold life as precious?

Embrace the pain. It is the hope that something sweet waits up ahead.

I'm thankful for the pain, and more thankful for the one who gives me the strength to press through the pain, and look, with great hope and expectancy, to what waits ahead!"

What an awesome word! Be encouraged as God works through your pain to develop you into a mighty man or woman of God. Keep pressing through the pain, pit, pressures and prisons that life throws at you to inherit your promised prize and possession.


Be blessed!
Ambassadors Robert & Alicia Paul

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