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The holiday season is almost upon us and another year is drawing swiftly to a close. The United States of America has just elected into office our 44th President in the midst of much chaos and confusion among various circles. Much of the Church was divided on this issue and now many are left feeling a certain sense of defeat and licking their wounds. Even now there are bitter words being spoken by some who felt that the election was “stolen” and that our president-elect, Barack Obama, is too “unfit” or “unrighteous” to hold this high public office. Some still maintain that Senator John McCain was God’s choice from the beginning.

Because of the many ignorant and immature responses that have been circulating regarding this issue – even from some well-meaning and notable Christian leaders – I felt led of the Lord to offer a biblical perspective regarding what has transpired, rather than present another opinion or “prophetic” (or rather, pathetic) one. Many of us have been so blinded by our own political, social and religious agendas that we were never able to perceive the writing written so clearly on the wall.

The Bible makes it abundantly clear that rulers and authorities are established by God – without exception – even when they seized the throne or position through acts of violence, deceit, force and murder, which many of the Roman emperors did (Rom 13:1). When Paul wrote this letter to the church at Rome, they were under the rule of one of the most wicked and insane emperors of all time (Nero; who also happened to be responsible for the murder of thousands of Christians in the most horrific way imaginable). Was Paul saying that God established Nero in that seat of power? Of course he was! Was it because he was "Christian" or "godly"? No, of course not! Was God endorsing him as a person? Only a psychopathic maniac or moron would do that, and God is neither. Nero was appointed by God to fulfill a purpose. God is not as religious as most Christians are in America. While we think that values are the most important thing to God, what matters most is purpose.

Of course man has free choice and we should choose leaders with proper Judeo-Christian values, but this is one of those cases where God's sovereignty and man's responsibility create that perfect tension for the execution of His will. So if God says that a certain person is going to be king (president, pope, prime minister, etc), t pre-suggests that it is His will. At least two times in scripture God sent a prophet to anoint and appoint an extremely wicked man as king. The first time He sent the prophet, Ahijah, to prophesy Jeroboam's (a young rebel) kingship and appointment to the throne, charging him to do righteously because he was establishing him as an act of judgment against David's house because of the sin of Solomon and the people (1 Kings 11:26-40). Incidentally, Jeroboam became the standard of wickedness in Israel and led the people into idolatry and further away from God. Why did God choose such a man to be king knowing the evil he would eventually accomplish to pervert an entire nation? Obviously he wasn't chosen because of his godly values; he was chosen to fulfill God's purpose.

Several generations later, God sends Elisha to Damascas to declare Hazael's future appointment to the throne of Syria. Not only is this a heathen nation with Hazael being a pagan leader, but Elisha knows full well the horrible atrocities this man would one day perform against his people Israel and begins to weep. God has sent him to prophetically establish His purpose for one of the most wicked foreign rulers to afflict the children of Israel with horribleinjustices, including dashing their children to pieces and ripping open their women with child (2 Kings 8:7-15). Where are the godly values in that?

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