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This is beyond doubt a key time and season to be plugged into God now more than ever. Many thiGlobal Villagengs are changing on a global scale, and while the world is becoming a "smaller" global village with the use of modern technology and the internet, it seems as if we are becoming more impersonal and isolated as a people as well. The concepts ofcommunity and fellowship are foreign to this new generation, and seem to have gotten lost in the whirlwind of change and technological advances that now enable us to do almost anything without leaving the comfort of our homes - including shop, study or attend college, work, transact business such as online banking, investments or trade, watch the latest movies, etc.

There are even online "churches" popping up now all over the internet where you can become a member of an online community without having to participate in a traditional church setting that requires your physical presence. We have gone from personal visits and phone-calls to emails, text messages and Facebook as the primary means of keeping up with friends and family. While these things are good and useful, enabling us to communicate on a much broader scale while eliminating some of the challenges sometimes posed by distance, it doesn't take a "prophet" to see where this is going: We are becoming more individualistic, more isolated, more independent, more impersonal, and more self-centered in our general lifestyles and pursuits.

The Kingdom of God, however, is built upon a much different culture - one that is diametrically opposed to the false ideals and values listed above. God's Kingdom is established upon the principles of love, unity, fellowship, community and interdependence. We are to be our brother's keeper and joined together as one body, functioning as an integrated whole. Where one is exalted, we all are exalted, and where one member suffers, the entire body suffers. We must guard our hearts against the spirit of this present age that seeks to separate and isolate us so that we become an easy prey to the enemy.

As we race towards the close of this age, we need to be ever mindful of, and committed to, the fellowship and community of the saints. Woe unto those of us who are caught separated and alone during the time of trouble that is to come upon the entire earth. Like in the movie called the Gladiator with Russell Crowe, it is only as we stand together as one in the face of our adversaries that we will be guaranteed to triumph. Become a part of our online community at, but remember that it can never become a substitute for you being injected and integrated into a visible, living community of saints where you are known and accepted, as well as activated into your membership ministry and purpose, as we work together to see the Kingdom of Heaven forcefully advanced in the earth.


Thank you for being a part of our embassy and for enabling us to fulfill the vision and assignment that God has given us to complete by your faithful support and generous giving. We covet your prayer and support now more than ever during this season as we link our shields together to form an impenetrable barrier against the enemy. Together we will forcefully advance and triumph.

The following is a prophetic word given to prophetess Rita Phillips a short time ago that we believe is very timely for this hour. May you receive it as a word spoken directly from the heart of God to you, and may it be a source of strength and encouragement to enable you to press through this season of testing until you emerge victorious on the other side.


A Place


There is a place in the depths of My love

My everlasting love that I have for you

Where I speak peace to the storms

Where I say be still to the fear

Where I say to you I love you with an everlasting love

There is a place, a place of safety

A place where you know I am your Jehovah God

And I pour out of My love

And I release newness of life

And awareness that life is worth living

A love that covers all

Oh yes

There is a place

And I call you to come with Me

Come and allow My arms to embrace you

To allow My eyes to look deep within your being

That I can say

I love you

I love you

For there is a place

A place where My blood was shed

A place where I have released the forgiveness of sin

Where I have released all that you might live

For I am your God

And I am releasing an understanding

That in this day and hour

The most important thing to Me is your love for Me

Run after Me

Hunger and thirst for Me

For surely I will pour out of My presence

And I will pour out of all the goodness that I have

And I will not withhold any good thing from you

For I am your God And I have only the best for you



For the King and His Kingdom,


Robert G. Paul

President/Senior Ambassador

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