Greetings fellow ambassadors!

2006 is already shaping out to be a very interesting and amazing year. I truly believe that this is a season where God is strategically repositioning and re-aligning His people for Kingdom advancement. I want to encourage you to make that divinely directed transition this year.

This is a season of change, transition and advancement. For those who refuse this process, death, stagnation and defeat is inevitable. Don't allow comfort to keep you in complacency, and don't allow fear to keep you from stepping out in faith and taking risks. Remember: No risk, no reward; little risk, little reward; great risk, great reward!

We must have the spirit of Joshua and Caleb who said, "Let us go up at once and possess it, for we are well able to overcome it" (Num. 13:30). To do otherwise would be to wander in the wilderness of religion and mediocrity, and commit spiritual suicide.

Beware of those who would seek to define you and paint a limited or inaccurate portrait of your God-given calling, talents, giftings and abilities. Jesus never allowed the people -- not even the religious rulers -- to define or dictate His calling and ministry. Most of the people limited Him to that of a prophet, because that was all they carnally understood (Matt. 16:13,14). Only Peter, through divine revelation, was able to accurately discern Jesus' true calling and identity (Matt. 16:15,16).

Even Joshua and Caleb had to deal with this issue. When the other ten spies returned with their "evil" report after spying out the land, they described the people of Israel -- including Joshua and Caleb -- as being weaker than the inhabitants (Num. 13: 31) and being "grasshoppers" in their sight (Num. 13:33). The people -- except for Joshua and Caleb -- accepted this inaccurate report and forfeited their inheritance. They allowed the report of men to define them instead of the revelation of God.

It is interesting to note that these ten spies were all notable leaders in the house of Israel (Num. 13:2). There is a lot that can be said and taught here but let me just say this: It is very important that we learn to receive our identity from God rather than men, regardless of their rank, title or position. Many leaders will never be able to see anyone beyond the way they see themselves. Accept what God says about you, and nothing else!

This is an hour of breakthrough. This is a season of destiny! Let us draw near to God to receive the wisdom, revelation and insight necessary to propel us into the next level. Let us separate ourselves from those who would seek to limit us and kill our God-given vision and dreams. "Let us go up at once to possess it, for we are well able to overcome it."

Ministry updates:

Our website is fully up and running now and we appreciate your feedback and support. Let us know what's working and what isn't. We welcome any and every bit of constructive criticism we receive.

We have been receiving many words about planting churches in this region and abroad from several prophets and apostles. Please pray and agree with us that we will operate in God's timing and that the wisdom and resources necessary to accomplish this work will be provided when needed. We are ready, willing and able to do all that God requires of us.

My family and I will be travelling to Mississippi on the weekend of the 26th to minister at a church there. You can find more details concerning this on our website, We covet your prayer and support.

Please remember to refer your friends and family to our website so they can receive the word of the Lord for their lives. We are seeking to advance the Kingdom, not a man or a ministry.

Prayer Needs:

Please remember to pray for this ministry on a regular basis. We are seeking to advance the Kingdom of God on planet earth. Help us bear the burden.

Please pray that the Kingdom of Heaven will be powerfully demonstrated in Mississippi on the weekend of the 26th.

Pray that false foundations will be exposed and destroyed by the power of the Spirit and that reformation will take,place in the hearts of the people and that region.

Continue to pray for the Central and South Florida region,that God's Kingdom will come and be demonstrated, powerfully, impacting every institution of society, including the religious institutions.

Pray for Island Time Grill, a restaurant newly started in our area that is owned and operated by wonderful saints of God. Pray for success, favor, prosperity and great return on their investment. Pray that they will be a light in that community.


Thank you for reading. Until next time...

In Service of the King,

Ambassador Robert G. Paul

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