Dear Community,



This has been a season of intense trials and transition for us as well as many others in the Kingdom. We have entered into a time of crisis where our faith in God is being tested, but we want to encourage you to continue to stand strong through these storms.


The presence of a storm or hardship in our lives is no indication that we are out of God’s will or somehow being penalized for our disobedience. Storms are sent to test and prove that which we have built, and it is sent upon both the wise and the foolish, the just and the unjust (Matt. 5:45; 7:24-27). Let us allow these storms to expose the weaknesses or deficiencies in our internal structures of character, morality and conscience. And let us make the correct adjustments by building upon a foundation of obedience. And when the storm is over, let us glorify God and seek to strengthen that which remains as we build accurately upon the rock.


May we continue to migrate until we come to the place where we can boldly proclaim like Jesus, “… for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me” (John 14:30). There must be nothing in our lives upon which the enemy can take hold to gain leverage against us.


News and updates


We have a new poll on our website and Facebook page to find out if any of you are interested in a weekly or bi-weekly teaching session broadcast through a high-definition telephone conference call and/or through the internet (WiZiQ) in a virtual classroom setting with audio and possibly video capabilities. Would you please help us by participating in our poll and/or sharing your feedback on our Facebook page next to that particular post?


Also, we have just published a new article entitled Prophetic Divergence that we believe everyone who is a part of our community should read. It will help clarify some issues regarding the new prophetic dimension that is emerging in the earth as well as identify the key issues surrounding this present divergence in the subsequent releases. Feel free to comment or discuss some of these issues in our online forum or on Facebook.


As always, we value your relationship and your participation with us as a member of our Kingdom community. May God grant us all the strength to finish, even during a time when many have given up or faint.


We love you and pray for a manifestation of God’s grace during your times of weakness. Smile




For the King and His Kingdom,


Robert G. Paul

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