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Warring for the Next Generation

Introduction to:

The Wisdom Instruction & Nuggets of truth (WIN) Locker

There is a vicious and malicious assignment by the enemy of our souls in this season to destroy and disinherit the seed of the emerging generation through an effective educational and marketing campaign which promotes perverse mentalities as well as corrupt systems and practices. The warfare is extremely fierce for this generation, and it will take a strategic and concerted effort on our part to reverse this tidal wave of corruption and perversion with vigilant and diligent prayer, along with the systematic teaching and dissemination of biblical truth which alone has the power to expose and demolish the lies of the enemy (Heb 4:12).

For too long many of us have assumed that our only spiritual responsibility as parents was to pray for our children, while neglecting our duty to teach them the Word of the Lord. “After all, why teach them the Word when we have Sunday school to do it for us? That’s what we send them to Sunday school for, right?” Wrong!

Somewhere along the line we came to believe that the education of our children is the government’s responsibility (i.e. public/private schools), or the church’s responsibility (i.e. Sunday school classes or VBS). Many of us are unaware (either because we’re just too busy or we just don’t care) of the curriculum that is being taught to our children in the public schools, or the sometimes ungodly and demonically-inspired values system that is inculcated through many of these government sponsored programs. Some states in the US are worse than others, but absolutely none of them are exempt from this folly.

It is time for parents and heads of households to embrace their God-given responsibility once again. Consider the fact that not just once, but several times in Scripture God emphasizes the fact that it is the parents’ responsibility to teach His Word to their children (Deut 4:10; 6:7; 11:19). In fact, a significant portion of the book of Proverbs was dedicated from a father to his “son”, and makes reference to the instruction of a “mother” as well (Prov 1:8-9:18). We have spent all our time praying for our children (which we should) even though there is no specific scriptural command to do so, while neglecting God’s biblical command to teach.

To the parents reading this, our purpose for introducing you to The WIN Locker is not to become a substitute for the pinely given responsibility of teaching and training your own children, but to help support, supplement and complement your already diligent efforts by becoming a resource through which we can help stem the tide of lawlessness, foolishness and moral decay running rampant among our youth today. Feel free to take note of the principles taught here so you can teach them to your own children or company. As a matter of fact, many of them can be applied to your own life or situation, and can help aid in your spiritual development.

For the young and young at heart, The WIN Locker was built primarily with you in mind. These principles are ancient, but timeless and relevant, regardless of age, nationality, ethnicity, race, gender, relationship status (single; married; dating; porced; not sure; or not looking), culture, social/educational status, etc.

Let these teachings drive you to a deeper relationship with God and a greater desire for His Word. May it loose you from the grip of dead religion into the living reality of Kingdom citizenship. May it provoke you onto good works and give you the boldness and internal resolve to refuse meaningless mediocrity, resist powerless passivity, and reject carnal conformity. And may we all be equipped and empowered to win!

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