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Personal prophecy is a valid expression of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the Church today (1 Cor. 12:7-10). Our purpose for offering this ministry here is so that both citizens and non-citizens of the Kingdom, who may or may not have legitimate access to this type of ministry within their present locality, can have access to the present speaking of God without any distortion, financial requirement or obligation.

This free offer does not negate the biblical principle and pattern of honor, nor the proper protocol and practice outlined in Scripture for approaching and requesting ministry from prophets. Abuse by greedy or carnally motivated individuals who call themselves “prophets” and seek to peddle their trade and prostitute their gift for personal profit and enrichment is no reason to disregard or fail to adhere to God’s prescribed pattern which is able to unlock the full power and potential of the prophetic decree. However, we should understand that God designed that this principle be practiced within the context of faith and individual responsibility, not a legalistic requirement or obligation.

In other words, we as a prophetic company have no right to demand such honor, just as you, being the recipient of prophetic ministry, have no right to deny or refuse due honor. Whether you choose to give or not give as a demonstration of honor toward God and us as His prophetic company is a matter between you and God.


The world has seen enough of the counterfeit prophetic ministry displayed through diviners, mediums and psychics, and experienced enough of the “Balaam” type prophets whose only motivation is financial gain. These false expressions only serve to bring validation to the true (1 Cor. 11:19). And very often, these invalid and illegitimate sources are consulted because there is no valid and legitimate resource available to consult.

Therefore, it is our desire to be a prophetic resource to nations, governments, leaders and communities both locally and globally, as well as any individual — regardless of social, religious, economic, educational or ethnic standing — so that the voice and declaration of God is easily accessible in the earth. While we do believe that the voice of God can and should be easily discerned by every human being regardless of rank or status, and that the prophetic dimension was never meant to be relegated to a select or elite few whom we commonly refer to as prophets, we do understand that until our King (Jesus) returns, there will always be a need for the voice of God to be expressed accurately and clearly, as well as both individually and corporately, in the earth.


Our purpose, then, is not to take the place of the Holy Spirit in your life or to relinquish you of your own responsibility to develop your sense of hearing. Our desire is to aid you in your journey in connecting to God and accurately responding to Him. We are here to point you to the Father and awaken in you a strong desire to both hear as well as respond obediently to His will. There is no sense in hearing without intending to obey. The minute you hear you become responsible and, as such, you become accountable to God for what you did with what you heard. If your posture is one of rebellion, independence or self-will, it is better that you refrain from receiving a prophetic word lest you heap judgment upon yourself.

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