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A Letter From Our President

“I truly believe that one of our primary purposes for being on the earth today is to help dismantle religious strongholds — whether in doctrine, philosophy, beliefs, traditions or practice — that have kept the Church locked into an ‘old wineskin’ paradigm that is counterproductive to us reaching full maturity. One of the most important concepts that leaders need to grasp during this key season is the concept of accuracy, for without it all of our efforts are in vain. We need renewed vision and wisdom for the days ahead.

I know that God has been speaking similar things to many of you visiting this website, and our desire is to partner with you in this regard. We are only one part — a small part — that must be connected to the whole if we are to create the synergism necessary to see God’s Kingdom fully impact the earth. Imagine what we could accomplish if we worked together.”


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