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Is there any way to donate to your ministry or pay for online orders using PayPal? 2017-07-09T00:36:49+00:00

At this time, PayPal is not an option for online payments, but if this is a payment option you would prefer or like to see available, please send us your feedback and let us know. We always try to satisfy our customers. PayPal used to be our payment option before, but this option has since been replaced.

If you are unwilling to use our current donation and/or e-commerce payment option(s), please consider mailing a check or money order instead, indicating clearly the purpose for which it is for (whether donation or purchase). If you are sending money for an item, please indicate clearly which item(s) you are intending to purchase, including item number(s). You will also need to include your address, ship to address, telephone number(s) and email address. If you have any questions, please call our toll free number: 888-669-4524 Mon-Fri, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM CST.

How long will it take for me to receive my order? 2017-06-13T13:14:01+00:00

In most cases, you should receive your on-line order within 5-7 business days. If, for some reason, there is any type of delay in receiving your product(s), please call our toll free number at 888-669-4524 to request assistance in tracking your order. If you mailed in your order and payment, please check with us to make sure we received it. Your product(s) will be shipped out the next business day after we have received your order and payment. If you have any questions please give us a call.

Do you ship internationally? 2017-06-13T13:13:53+00:00

Unfortunately, we are unable to process and ship international orders at this time. This option may become available in the near future, but for right now please accept our apology for any inconvenience caused.

Can I return the product I ordered for a refund? 2017-06-13T13:15:23+00:00

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the product and desire to return it to us for a refund, you can do so within 14 days of receiving the product(s). As long as the product is in the same brand new condition in which it was shipped, you will be refunded the cost of the item minus shipping. If the product has been in your possession for a period of more than 14 days, you will not receive a refund for the product even if you return it. Please include a copy of your receipt with all returns.

How often can I request prophetic ministry? 2017-06-13T13:18:18+00:00

Ideally, we would recommend you request prophetic ministry from us no more than once per year. Anything more than this will result in your requests being denied. Also, try to space out your requests by at least a twelve (12) month interval. For example, if you requested prophetic ministry in September and then sent another request in the month of June or July of the next year, there is a good chance that your second request will be ignored. There is generally no justifiable reason for requesting prophetic ministry again from us so soon. What have you done with the first word you received? If, however, you were to request prophetic ministry again in November or December of the next year, that would be acceptable.

How will I know that my subsciption for prophetic ministry went through? 2017-06-13T13:18:25+00:00

When you sign up to receive prophetic ministry, a response is automatically generated from our server confirming your request. If you have not received this confirmation, it may be because your email address information was imputed incorrectly. Try returning to the sign-up page and imputing your information again, being careful this time to check that everything is correct. If you still do not receive a response, check the FAQ on “Why am I not receiving any newsletters even though I have already subscribed” for possible reasons and solutions.

How do I sign up to receive prophetic ministry? 2017-07-09T00:46:34+00:00

Simply click on the top menu item labeled “Insight,” and then on the tab labeled “E-Prophecy” and follow the directions. Please read the prophetic guidelines carefully before proceeding to the sign-up page.

I have not received my e-prophecy? 2017-07-09T00:58:24+00:00

It is likely that you didn’t receive an e-prophecy from us because we didn’t send one. Receiving prophetic ministry from us is not guaranteed. We do not minister by demand. As a matter of fact, it is near impossible for us to respond to every request we receive, or even to do so in a timely manner. We ask for your patience and understanding in light of this fact.

Is this service really free or is there some type of hidden cost or obligation? 2017-06-13T13:18:46+00:00

Yes, this service is provided totally free of charge. This is no gimmick, and there are no hidden charges, fees or obligations for you to purchase anything. We will not try to bombard you with various advertisements and marketing schemes in an attempt to get your money. We do ask, however, that you recognize the Biblical standard of proper prophetic protocol for approaching prophets. It was a common practice in Scripture for those seeking guidance and direction through prophetic ministry to take a significant gift with them to give to the prophet as a token of honor (Num 22:4-18; 1 Sam 9:5-9; 1 Kings 13:6, 7; 14:1-3; 2 Kings 4:42; 5:14-16; 8:7-9). However you choose to honor this ministry and our service to you is up to you. It is not within our power (right) to demand it any more than it is within your power (right) to withhold it. Honor represents value and always carries with it the promise of reward (Matt 10:41). How much do you value the word of the Lord and the prophetic ministers who are laboring daily to give it to you?

Can I request prophetic ministry for someone else? 2017-06-13T13:17:18+00:00

Yes, as long as you have the person’s permission to do so, you can request prophetic ministry for a friend or relative. Please make sure that the person receiving the prophetic word is made aware of our prophetic guidelines and is willing to accept our terms. We ask that you refrain from requesting prophecy for your local church or its leadership since we believe that it would be a violation of sound ethical standards and protocol to minister a prophetic word through you instead of to them directly. Only the senior pastor or leader should request prophetic ministry for his church or ministry.

Can I ask a specific question and receive a specific answer? 2017-06-13T13:17:11+00:00

Yes, there is strong Scriptural precedent for the practice of approaching prophets with specific questions or requests (1 Sam 9:6, 18-20; 1 Kings 3:10-27; 22:1-18). However, you should bear in mind that God may or may not allow the prophet to specifically answer or address these questions in a way that is acceptable to you (Num 22:20, 38; 23:11, 12, 26; 24:12, 13). In fact, it is possible that God may choose to forbid the prophet from answering or to hide the matter from him altogether (2 Kings 4:27). If this is the case and you are not given a clear answer, do not be discouraged; it is probably not the Lord’s time to make this matter known, or through these means.

What do I do if the word is partially or completely inaccurate? 2017-06-13T13:17:58+00:00

There are times when parts or portions of the prophetic word you received are difficult to relate to or seem to contradict your present experience or previous prophetic words. When this occurs, it is important that you guard your heart from a negative attitude and do not discard the word in haste. Pray about the various issues or “discrepancies” you may have found and humbly ask the Lord to give you greater wisdom and clarity concerning them. If after prayer and meditation there is still no peace about the matter, I would suggest shelving it for a season first before you attempt to completely discard it. Years of experience have taught me that time is the greatest test regarding the accuracy of a prophetic word. It may mean absolutely nothing to you now and even seemingly contradict what you know to be factually true, but time has a way of changing things and you may find that what was seemingly inaccurate or impossible when you first received the word is entirely possible or in the process of fulfillment several years later. This has happened to me and others I have prophesied to on several occasions.

If, however, you receive a prophecy that is clearly and unequivocally inaccurate in it’s mention or description of certain details, I would follow the old saying to “eat the meat and throw away the bones”. In some cases, there might be more meat than bones, and in others, more bones than meat. Just discard the parts which you know to be totally inaccurate and kindly bring them to our attention. As much as we desire and exercise our faith for 100% accuracy, the fact is that human vessels are not infallible, and as such, are still subject to error, thus the command to “test all things” (1 Thess 5:20, 21).

What is a prophetic presbytery? 2017-06-13T13:16:59+00:00

Prophetic presbytery generally refers to a group of two or more prophetic elders or ministers who are brought together for the purpose of bringing prophetic revelation, confirmation, activation and sometimes ordination into public ministry. We use the term specifically to refer to prophetic ministry given by two or more prophetic ministers to an individual candidate.

How do I unsubscribe from receiving your newsletters? 2017-06-13T13:19:42+00:00

To unsubscribe from receiving our newsletters, simply open the newsletter and click on the link that says “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email and you will be unsubscribed immediately.

Why am I not receiving any newsletters? 2017-06-13T13:19:47+00:00

It is possible that you have not been receiving our newsletters because we have not written any. All of our newsletters are posted on our “Newsletters” page, so if you see a letter posted there that you did not receive in your in-box, there may be a problem with your ISP or email program. Please take note that many of the popular email programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, etc., treat our emails as spam and send them to the spam folder. Email providers such as Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail may cause our messages to default to the spam folder as well. The fact is, if you’re not receiving our emails, it’s either because you misspelled it when imputing the information, or it is being intercepted by some sort of spam filter, either by your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your email program, your email provider, or some other independent program with an anti-spam filter.

In order to avoid this, you MUST put us on the allow list by tweaking the settings in your email program to accept all messages from kaiembassy.com. Consult the help files in your email program to help you, or consult your neighborhood geek or ISP. Or, you can just keep checking your spam folder regularly and manually move our emails to your regular in-box.

How do I subscribe to your ministry newsletter? 2017-06-13T13:19:53+00:00

To subscribe to our embassy newsletter you must do the following:

1. Click on the link that says “Newsletter”.

2. Enter your name in the required field.

3. Enter a valid email address in the required field.

4. Click on the “subscribe” button.

5. Follow the instructions to confirm your subscription from the email that is sent to your in-box (Note: If you do not confirm your subscription, you will not be added to our list and will not receive our newsletters).

What if my order is lost or stolen? 2017-07-09T00:41:46+00:00

We usually only ship through USPS Priority Mail and UPS, so this allows us the ability to track your package and eliminate any unnecessary risk of the item(s) being lost or stolen. If your item(s) is/are returned to us due to an error in your address information (mistyped or misspelled), you will be required to pay the cost of shipping to have the item(s) re-sent. If the package was sent to the wrong address and accepted, due to the fact that you provided us with incorrect information, the transaction will be final and we will not be held responsible for you not receiving your item(s). If, for some other reason, you still do not receive your order, please give us a call at 888-669-4524 and we will do what we can to assist you.