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The Technology of Prayer Pt. 3

God’s divine requirements   The prophet Isaiah, when confronting similar religious issues during his time, makes a powerful prophetic proclamation that critically exposes, identifies and condemns these key issues which we have [...]

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The Technology of Prayer

The Technology of Prayer   There are very few topics in the realm of religion – especially Christianity – to which has been devoted more time, focus and attention than the topic [...]

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The Matrix Pt. 2

What is Matrix? If you’ve read this far and still haven’t seen the movie, you’re probably very anxious at this point to discover what the Matrix is. As Neo also discovered after [...]

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The Matrix

The Matrix Recently, the Lord has been reminding me of the 1999 hit movie called The Matrix. It was a movie that took the entertainment industry by storm and totally revolutionized film-making with [...]

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The Matrix Pt. 3

The True Kingdom To truly understand and enter into the Kingdom of God will require that we first be unplugged from the Matrix with its false religious system and counterfeit kingdom. It [...]

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