Happy Fathers DayHappy Father’s Day!

Every year we usually set aside one day – today – to recognize, honor and celebrate fathers. I thoroughly endorse this practice, not primarily because I myself am a father, but because we live in an era when true fatherhood, and also manhood, is being constantly eroded and its value diminished. The importance of fathers can never be overstated. Everything we experience in the Kingdom, as well as our earthly sojourn, is hinged upon the activity and ultimate legacy of fathers. To put it simply, next to God, fathers are the single most important agency for shaping, influencing, and in every possible way determining the course of our lives and destiny. I say this with no disrespect to mothers who are highly valuable and important in their own right, but Scripture more than confirms this fact.


Whenever a family, church, society or nation succeeds or fails, progresses or regresses, develops or deteriorates, it can usually be traced back to the fathers or lack thereof. When the fathers fail the people fail, and when they succeed everyone succeeds. So to all of the faithful and committed fathers of this community, I want to express my admiration and thanks. Thank you for the many sacrifices that you have made. Thank you for your unceasing labor and unbending courage. Thank you for loving your wives, children and families. And thank you for establishing a strong foundation and legacy that succeeding generations can build upon.

In a day when there is such a great distortion of what a true father really is in some so-called “apostolic networks”, where the overarching emphasis has been upon self-promotion, self-interest and personal enrichment, I want to give honor to those who have embraced selflessness and self-sacrifice as the true defining characteristics of fatherhood. Happy Father’s Day!

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For the King and His Kingdom,

Robert G. Paul


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